Cricklade Dental Practice Advanced Restorative Work

Dental Treatment Available

We offer the following dental treatments click on the link for more information about each type of treatment.

Advanced Restorative Treatment

Crowns are placed where there is no longer sufficient tooth structure to support a conventional filling. The crown envelops the remaining tooth to provide a strong and aesthetic restoration. Zirconia crowns do away with the metal frame of the older style crowns and provide a natural and very strong result.

A bridge is an option to replace a missing tooth by crowning the teeth adjacent to the space in the dentition. The crowns are connected via a further crown suspended where the space existed and the bridge is cemented permanently to the supporting teeth.

Implants are a further option, especially where the adjacent teeth have not been filled. An implant artificially imitates the root of a natural tooth and is imbedded permanently within the bone, with a crown then attached to this very strong support.